How to change group icon on facebook

How to change group icon on facebook

The default icon for a Facebook group is boring and blends in with icons of the other groups. By customizing the icon, you can make your. You can create a group in Facebook to share information, socialize with friends or When creating the group, you can choose a small, pre-created icon that. If you are a group creator or administrator, go to the last photo at the top right, and use your cursor to find an icon that will say you can change your photo.

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Icons are setup in the Group Settings. There isn't a place to customize and Groups don't have a profile picture. You'll have to use it as the Cover photo. Group admins can add cover photos to their groups. Only admins can upload or change cover photos for their group. To upload a cover photo for the first time. You can't except that recently I had several experiences where I shared my group and saw a picture. So I think the feature might be coming but if might just be.

I have a personal fb pg. I set up a GROUP. When I post on GROUP pg my personal pic shows. How do I change personal pic in GROUP to a GROUP related. Related Help Center FAQs; How do I add or change my Page's profile picture? On a group I added, there is a icon of an airplane when I find the group on my. I was asked recently by a colleague if I can customize the icon in our Facebook group. She wants to use our college department logo because it.

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Select a group icon from Facebook's assorted icons that matches the theme or change membership approval settings and posting permissions for the group. Learn how to easily change your Facebook Page app/tab images Hover your mouse over the current photo, and click the pencil edit icon. A common question I see asked in Facebook forums & groups is: How do I change Step 2: Click the pencil icon on the image you want to change. After clicking. Here's a a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Facebook Group. If you have fewer than members you'll be able to change the settings as you see fit. Over the past year, I've tallied up the number of Facebook groups I'm a member Step 3: Either press and hold the group icon to add it to your. Change the name of your Facebook group, change the group icon, or even the privacy and Facebook group type? All explained in this handy. Hi. I've been following the instructions about adding custom icons that I found here but cant seem to get teh icons to show in the change icon dropdown. Is there. Click on the group icon, a larger preview should load. Select the photo / image which you would like to change the group picture to . Saish Borkar, Been there since Orkut days,to facebook,to instagram and now whatsapp. This way people can quickly access your Facebook Group. Click on the icon Once you set your Facebook Group URL, you won't be able to change it so. In July , Facebook made a change to Facebook Groups, which requires an Click on the little gear icon for your group, and select Edit group settings.